Further Enhancing the
Implementation of Quality
Standards in drug demand
reduction across Europe


The general objective of this project is to enhance implementation of QS in drug prevention, treatment and harm reduction throughout the EU, with more services, organizations and countries applying QS in daily practice. The project will focus on the actual application of QS in all EU countries and factors stimulating implementation.


  • FENIQS-EU – 13th EUSPR Conference and Members Meeting – 28th-30th September 2022 – Tallin – Estonia
    We are pleased to announce that partners from the FENIQS-EU project will be making a presentation at the 13th EUSPR conference during Poster Session 1 – online – Thursday, 29th of September 2022. Map of the current application of the quality standards in the area of prevention in EU countries – results from the FENIQS-EU …
  • FENIQS-EU – Quality Champions event – Palma de Mallorca, 5th and 6th of May, 2022
    The Quality Champions event, held in Palma de Mallorca, gathered a total of 68 participants (in person and online) that shared experiences in prevention, treatment and social reintegration, and harm reduction initiatives. Presentations made along the meeting are now accessible at the project website: In case you have any questions, feel free to contact us …
  • FENIQS-EU – Inventory of the Implementation of Quality Standards across Europe
    The partnership has just launched a survey to assess the implementation of QS across Europe. One of the objectives of this action is to make a comprehensive country-by-country overview of QS implementation, to check adherence to the EU Minimal Quality Standards and to identify core challenges and assets in the implementation of Q S. If you …
  • FENIQS-EU – Online Kick-off Meeting – 20 and 22 April 2021
    The consortium meeting brought together representatives from all the project partner organizations, members of the International Advisory Board, and the EC project officer. WP leads made presentations of the work-packages and outlined next steps for project implementation. Giovanna Campello (UNODC) and Marica Ferri (EMCDDA) made presentations on the state of the art regarding implementation of …


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