Despite the availability of a wide range of quality standards (QS) for drug demand reduction (DDR), real-world implementation of these standards is rather poor and differs largely between countries. Therefore, the general objective of the FENIQS-EU project is to enhance the implementation of QS in drug prevention, treatment and harm reduction throughout Europe with more services, organizations and countries applying standards in their daily practices.

The project aims to identify good practice examples, successful implementation models and strategies, and key stakeholders to identify do’s and don’ts for implementation of QS in different areas of DDR.

Country representatives and civil society organizations will be involved throughout the project implementation to maximize stakeholders’ ability to share examples of good practice and to implement the project’s recommendations in daily practice and at local and national level.

In the long run, the project will contribute to a greater application of the EU Council Conclusions on Minimum Quality Standards (2015) and target populations will experience similar standards of services across the EU. The availability of an evidence-informed implementation toolkit will allow interested persons and organizations to make effective and strategic choices when implementing QS, while those who are already using standards can benefit from this tool when monitoring and revising their quality management system.